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Membership Categories and Fees

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  • Membership fees contribute support to CTTI's infrastructure and projects
  • Meetings occur in the Washington, DC area
  • The Steering Committee meets approximately 3 times per year
  • Paying a membership fee entitles an organization to one representative on the Steering Committee.
  • The Executive Committee has designated the following number of seats for member categories not required to pay a fee:

    Patient representatives: 2
    Regulators: FDA-4, OHRP-1
    Other Government: NIH-1; CMS-1; VA - 1; AHRQ - 1; CDC - 1
    At-large member: 1

Annual Fees:

Considerations in determining fees:

  • Relationship between the core business of the organization and CTTI mission
  • Desire to have relatively similar fees for similarly situated organizations


Pharmaceutical, biotechnology,
device, diagnostics, data, IT companies and CROs:

Annual Worldwide Sales
> $20 billion $70K
$1-20 billion $50K
$500m-999m $30K
$50m-499m $20K
< $50m $10K

Trade organizations (organizations
of for-profit organizations)


Systems of health care

(e.g., hospital corporations, insurance companies)


Professional services organizations
(e.g. law firms, consulting firms)


Patient advocacy groups
Budget > $10M
Budget $2 -10 M
Budget < 2 M


Academic institutions, clinical investigators


Professional societies, institutional review boards, accrediting organizations, standard setting organizations


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